Oberman Associates, Inc
Oberman Associates, Inc.
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Management Consulting

Achieving Successful Implementation
Your business strategy is only as valuable as your ability to implement it through sound organizational and operating structure, financial planning and controls, management process, and reinforcing culture. We have successfully assisted management, boards, and investors of engineering and technology companies to achieve managed growth, critical transitions, and enhanced profitability. Services include:

  •   Business planning
  •   Capitalization
  •   Corporate structure and business models
  •   Cost analysis and management
  •   Critical resources acquisition
  •   Expansion and diversification plans
  •   Governance
  •   Leadership and succession
  •   Management and operations audits
  •   Mergers & acquisitions planning, advisory, and integration
  •   Non-core business disposition
  •   Organizational design and development
  •   Ownership transition and buyout plans
  •   Performance-based compensation
  •   Risk assessment and contingency planning
  •   Stakeholder management and communications
  •   Strategic partnerships and ventures
  •   Strategic planning and advisory
  •   Supply chain management
  •   Turnaround and crisis management