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What Our Clients Say

Satisfied Clients are our most valuable asset.

As a Board, we were uncertain of the extent to which market-related or management factors were contributing to Company underperformance. OBERMAN Associates, using a candid yet discrete approach, enabled us to rapidly assess the situation, and implement a course of action leading to recovery and downstream sale.—Director, $200 Million Instrumentation Company

We were advised by our lawyer to consider Chapter 11 reorganization. Through aggressive cost realignment, creative client and stakeholder response, and diversification, OBERMAN Associates led our Company to achieve a successful turnaround without the risks and expense of bankruptcy.—CEO, $30 Million Engineering Firm

We had an investment in alternative energy technology, but really did not understand the market. OBERMAN Associates enabled us to evaluate market drivers and competition, define a sound commercialization strategy, and creatively leverage our assets in a transaction.—CEO, $4 Billion Diversified Company






After struggling with diversification for several years, OBERMAN Associates helped us identify and evaluate opportunities, focus our strategy, and quickly achieve bottom-line results through new marketing programs, reorganization of current operations, and successful acquisition.—CEO, $300 Million Semiconductor Equipment Company

OBERMAN Associates' guidance and support made our previously stalled ownership transition plans a reality.—Chairman/CEO/Principal, $20 Million Engineering Firm

“OBERMAN Associates has consistently provided us with insights to compete successfully in our changing marketplace. —CEO, $1.5 Billion Infrastructure and Energy Company