Oberman Associates, Inc
Oberman Associates, Inc.
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Biotech, Food and Life Sciences

OBERMAN Associates has over three decades of experience assisting over 700 biotech, life and food science, and nutraceutical, analytical and specialty companies with strategies for successful commercial development and sustainability in a rapidly evolving global economy and increasingly stringent regulatory environment. We have successfully assisted the following types of Clients in this market seeking growth, diversification, turnaround and restructuring, ownership and leadership transition, or merger/acquisition.

  •   Analytical and testing services
  •   Bioanalytical and biologics
  •   Contract research and development (CROs)
  •   Diagnostic equipment and technology
  •   Food safety
  •   Immunochemistry
  •   Medical devices
  •   Nutraceuticals and other natural products
  •   Personal care products and cosmeceuticals
  •   Preclinical and clinical laboratories
  •   Quality assurance and certification
  •   Specialty foods and ingredients
  •   Toxicology